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DA - Infrastructure Support for Handover in WLAN Mesh Networks

Infrastructure Support for Handover in WLAN Mesh Networks

Motivation: In general, a wireless mesh network (WMN) consists of a hierarchy of nodes that are wirelessly connected with each other. On top of the hierarchy, Mesh Gateways (MGs) provide access to other networks, typically the Internet, and route traffic from the mesh to the Internet and vice versa. On a second hierarchy level, Mesh Routers (MRs) route traffic within the wireless mesh. On a third level, Mesh Clients (MCs) are connected to the network via MRs called. Finally, in wireless mesh networks, some MCs are able to route traffic for other MCs and thus act as mesh clients and NAS simultaneously.

In our previous work we developed an extensible key hierarchy is initialized (at the STA and the AAA server) by any key generating EAP-method once a nodes joins the WMN. In addition, we developed a three party protocol which can be used to bootstrap arbitrary security associations between any pair of authenticated nodes.

Thesis: The goal of this thesis is to explorer that handover capabilities of our protocol and other protocols, using our previous work as a basis.In addition to implementing the actual handover for our WMN testbed at the UMIC building, e.g., using virtual interfaces of wireless drivers, also performance improvements using the infrastructure are to be explored. For example, knowing the topology of the WMN, key could be pre-distributed to areas to which the STA will most likely move to next. It could also be beneficial to use some more prominent nodes to support handover, such that the communication overhead with the AAA server is decreased.

Contact: For futher information please contact AndrĂ© Egners