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How we determine your topic

If you are interested in writing your bachelor's or master's thesis with us, please step by in our office hours or arrange an appointment with Prof. Meyer via email. We will then discuss your background, skills and interests in terms of lectures, seminars and labs you might have attended, your programming skills as well as your own ideas for thesis topics. From this discussion we determine the research area best suited for you and in a second step determine one or more possible topics from which you can then select. Note that only some of these topics may be listed on this page, but by far not all of them. So it's definitely worth while to step by and ask for more. However, please make sure that you meet most of the following prerequisites.


You should have attended at least one of our lectures (or at least be familiar with the contents). Additionally, lectures on cryptography (for example by Prof. Mathar, Dr. Unger or Dr. Hanke) and the SVS lecture (Prof. Wehrle) are a plus. Attending our security lab course or taking part in our seminar before applying for a thesis is also recommended.

Research Interests and Open Theses

  • Development of Trusted Computation Base and Location-Privacy Telephone: please contact Florian Kerber
    • currently no open theses
  • Theoretical Cryptography and Secure Multi-Party Computation: please contact Andreas Klinger
    • currently no open theses
  • Human Factors in Security: please contact Vincent Drury
    • currently no open theses
  • Software fingerprinting based on Network traffic: please contact Sebastian Schäfer
    • currently no open theses
  • Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning: please contact Arthur Drichel
    • currently no open theses
  • Secure Multi-Party Computation and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies: please contact Malte Breuer
    • currently no open theses

    Theses in Progress

    • Hardening of Domain Generation Algorithm Classifiers (MA supervised by Arthur Drichel)
    • Implementation of a Hierarchical and Dynamic Threshold Paillier Cryptosystem (MA supervised by Andreas Klinger)
    • Privacy Preserving Machine Learning (MA supervised by Arthur Drichel)
    • Sharing and Federation for Cyber Threat Detection (BA supervised by Arthur Drichel)
    • Multiclass Classification of Domain Generation Algorithms using Classical Machine Learning Approaches (BA supervised by Arthur Drichel)
    • Phishing Detection using Machine Learning on Certificate Transparency Logs (BA supervised by Vincent Drury and Arthur Drichel)
    • Intrusion Detection on Encrypted Network Traffic (MA supervised by Arthur Drichel)
    • Combination of active and passive measurements for software fingerprinting in networks (BA supervised by Sebastian Schäfer)
    • Laying Ground-Truth in Network-Based Software Fingerprinting (BA supervised by Sebastian Schäfer)
    • Design and Implementation of an Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Matching (MA supervised by Malte Breuer)

      Finished Theses