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Seminar SS2019: Advanced Topics in Cryptography and IT-Security


The seminar will be held as a block seminar at the end of the semester, and will probably take two full days.


In this seminar, we will discuss advanced topics of various areas of research in IT-security and cryptography. Possible topics may include authentication, deniability, key agreement, symmetric and asymmetric encryption, security notions such as "semantic security", attack methods such as "chosen ciphertext attacks" or binary exploitation techniques such as "Return Oriented Programming". Topics with strong mathematical emphasis may also be possible, depending on the participants. A concrete list of topics will be given at the preliminary meeting.

Dates and deadlines

  • Preliminary meeting: 
  • Outline of text: 
  • Draft version of text: 
  • Final version of text: 
  • Draft version of presentation slides: 
  • Final version of presentation slides: 
  • Presentation: 


  • You should be a student from one of the fields listed here.
  • You should have attended (and preferably passed) at least one lecture (or practical course / lab) about IT-security or cryptography. Alternatively, good background knowledge in related areas such as computer networking or number theory might also be sufficient.
  • If you are a bachelor student, you can only participate if you already attended a "Proseminar" before.
  • Each participant is expected to write 10 to 15 pages of original text (german or english) using our Latex template. All forms of plagiarism (e.g., copying work from others without proper citation) will lead to immediate disqualification from this seminar! 
  • Each participant is expected to give a presentation about his work (30 minutes talk, 10 minutes for questions). Attendance to all presentations is mandatory!


If you have questions, please write to