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Selected Topics in (Mobile) Security

Title: Selected Topics in (Mobile) Security

In this Seminar we will discuss recent research results in various practical and theoretical areas of security. In addition, we will pick up on a few security-related topics that are less concerned with research results but are rather of a more general interest. Last year these topic have been "Censorship and Website Blocking", and "Electronic ID Cards" for example.

General Information: First meeting and topic assignment on July 21th at 5pm, Room 205 in UMIC Building Block Seminar held in Room 205 in UMIC Building from Thursday January 20th to Saturday 22nd (or 21st to 22nd dependent on the number of participants)

Target Audience: Diploma, Master, SSE, and Bachelor students (that have attended SVS already)

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge on cryptography and network security (e.g. having attended "Sichere Verteilte Systeme", "IT-Security 1", or "Kryptographie")

What is expected from each participant?

  • 15 - 20 pages of original text in English or German
  • 40 minutes of presentation
  • 10 minutes answers to questions
  • Visiting all presentations of the other students and active participation in the discussion

Note that most of the literature will be in English. Presentation language will be adapted to the needs of the participants. Papers may be handed in in German or English.

List of Topics may include:

  • Identity-based encryption
  • Fully homomorphic encryption
  • Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation
  • Multi-party signature schemes
  • Trends in mobile malware
  • Behavior-based Malware Detection
  • ...