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Security Lab 2012

SWS: 4, ECTS: 8.0, Maximum number of participants: 12

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Meyer

Teaching Assistant: Georg Neugebauer, Mark Schloesser, Florian Weingarten


Registration for the Lab is only possible online via the central registration page

Important dates: 

  • Bi-weekly exercises
  • Weekly meetings
  • Tuesday, 2-5 pm
  • Room 205 on the second floor in the UMIC Building, Mies-van-der-Rohe Strasse 15
  • First Meeting: 04.04.2012, 2-4 pm


  • basic knowledge on security (e.g. have attended the IT-Security Lecture, the Security in Mobile Communications Lecture, or the SVS lecture)
  • basic linux skills
  • at least decent or advanced programming skills in one language
  • decent knowledge of networking (TCP/IP)


We will discuss the following topics and implement various practical attacks in those application fields.

  • Wireless technologies in practice, e.g. session hijacking, WEP hacking...
  • Network traffic analysis, e.g. analysis of authentication protocols, sniffing...
  • Security countermeasures, e.g. reactive security, system analysis...
  • Attacks against cryptography, e.g. key recovery in cryptographic ciphers, factorization attacks...
  • Web application security, e.g. cross-site scripting, wargames...
  • Code analysis, e.g. java byte code analysis, reverse engineering...
  • Malware analysis, e.g. analysis of botnet samples and rootkits
  • Android security, e.g. analysis of mobile malware and forensic data analysis

You have to solve common tasks every two weeks and work on it in the lab or at home. Each participant has to introduce a special part of a selected topic in a short 30 minute lecture. Be prepared to spend some time in the lab. At the end of the semester you can test your skills in a CTF-like event.

First Challenge:

We offer a first challenge that you can solve in order to increase your chances of getting a spot in the Security Lab. This is not mandatory but already shows that you are interested and willing to devote some time to the course.

Download and analyze the file which was captured by our administrator. Answer at least the following questions

  • Describe the scenario recorded in the file
  • List machines taking part
  • Provide details about the attack payload
  • In case you find any encryption mechanism, please recover the key...

 Submit your solution to Mark or Georg. HF!