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Marián Kühnel


Research Interests:

  • Mobile Networks, Mobile Malware, Android Security
  • IDPSs, Honeypots
  • Asymmetric Cryptography




  • Dynamic Analysis, F2F Workshop, Munich (Germany), October 2015.
  • Fast Identification of Obfuscation and Mobile Advertising in Mobile Malware, IEEE TrustCom-15, Helsinki (Finland), August 2015.
  • Static Analysis, F2F Workshop, Espoo (Finland), July 2015.
  • Dynamic Analysis of Android Apps, F2F Workshop, Aachen (Germany), May 2015.
  • Highly Space Efficient Blacklisting, CISIS'14, Bilbao (Spain), June 2014.
  • Mopping the Malware Initiated Traffic in Mobile Networks, ISC 2013, Dallas (USA), November 2013.
  • Messing with Android's Permission Model, IEEE TrustCom-12, Liverpool (UK), June 2012.
  • Malware Analysis, ASMONIA Workshop 2012, Aachen (Germany), March 2012.
  • Vulnerable Relations of Prime Factors in the RSA Cryptosystem, 15. Kryptotag, Oldenburg (Germany), December 2011.
  • Group Encryption, Friday talk, Aachen (Germany), Oktober 2011.
  • Trapping Hackers, Tales From My Research, MyPhD Workshop, Erlangen (Germany), September 2011.
  • RSA Vulnerabilities with Small Prime Difference, WeWoRC 2011, Weimar (Germany), July 2011.




  • SS 15: Proseminar - Kryptographie
  • WS 14/15: Data Communication and Internet Technology
  • SS 13: Seminar - Selected Topics in IT-Security
  • WS12/13: Data Communication and Internet Technology
  • SS 12: Seminar - Selected Topics in IT-Security and Cryptography
  • WS 11/12: IT Security 1 - Network Security

DA/BA/MA Theses:

  • Finished: 
    • Analysis of Internet Communication Initiated by Mobile Malware Targeting Android Devices.
    • Genealogy of Mobile Malware Targeting the Android OS.
    • Information Hiding in the Public RSA Modulus.
    • A Case Study of Vendor-Specific Update Policies in the Android Ecosystem. (co-supervisor is Mark Schlösser)
    • Classification of Mobile Malware with the Help of Machine Learning Techniques.
    • Analysis and Detection of Botnets using SMS for Command and Control Traffic on the Android Platform.
    • Entropy based Bytecode Detection for the ARM Architecture.