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Dominik Teubert

Research Interests

  • Mobile Malware
  • Smartphone Security



  • Security Lab (SS 13, SS 14, SS 16)
  • IT-Security 2 (WS 13/14)


  • Smartphone Sicherheit und Mobile Live-Hacking, IHK Aachen, 2013
  • Cybercrime, RWTH Aachen Career Center, 2013

Supervised DA/BA/MA Theses

  • Ongoing:
  • Finished:
    • Secure Multi-party Computation on Smartphones: A Field Study (DA)
    • Detektion mobiler Schadsoftware mittels Analyse anomaler System Calls (DA)
    • Anomaly-Based Mobile Malware Detection (MA)
    • Covert Remote Syscall Communication at Kernel Level (MA)
    • Android Malware Obfuscation and Deobfuscation (BA)
    • Xocks - Replacing Virtual Ethernet with Inter-Domain-Sockets (MA)
    • Analyzing Non-Existent Domain Responses: Utilizing Machine Learning to Detect Domain Generation Algorithm Malware (MA)