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Dr. André Egners

Research Interest:

  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Mobile Communication Networks (2G, 3G, 4G)
  • Smartphone Security
  • Key Management
  • Security Bootstrapping
  • IDS & Monitoring




  • Secure and Efficient Handover Protocols for WMNs, IEEE WoWMoM 2013, (Madrid, Spain) [PDF]
  • Secure Roaming and Infrastructure Sharing for Multi-Operator WMNs, ACM SAC (Security Track) 2013, (Coimbra, Portugal) [PDF]
  • Collaboration Between Competing Mobile Network Operators to Improve CIIP, CRITIS 2012 (Lillehammer, Norway)
  • FSASD - Framework for establishing Security Associations in Sequentially Deployed WMN, IEEE HotMESH 2012 (San Francisco, USA) [PDF]
  • Introducing SOR: SSH-based Onion Routing, AINA 2012 (Fukuoka, Japan) [PDF]
  • Smartphone Security: Mobile Malware, an Emerging Threat, Identity und Security Management Workshop (CAST e.V., Darmstadt, Oktober 2011) - invited
  • ASMONIA Projekt RWTH Teilvorhaben, BMBF Statusseminar zur IT Sicherheitsforschung 1. Bekanntmachung (Bonn, Oktober 2011)
  • Future Directions of Malware Detection on Mobile Handsets (extended), Troppers11 (Heidelberg, Germany) [PDF]
  • Future Directions of Malware Detection on Mobile Handsets, ASMONIA Workshop 2011 (Heidelberg, Germany) [PDF]
  • Wireless Mesh Network Security: State of Affairs, IEEE LCN 2010 (Denver, USA) [PDF]
  • Wireless Mesh Network Security - Tales From My Research, MyPhD Workshop 2010 (Aachen, Germany)
  • Evaluating IEEE 802.11s Against Security Requirements of Wireless Mesh Networks, EWNS'10 (Essen, Germany) [PDF]


  • Wireless Mesh Network Security Research, UMIC Day 2010 [PDF


  • Security Lab (SS13)
  • Selected Topics in IT-Security and Cryptography (Seminar SS13)
  • Selected Topics in (Mobile) Security (Seminar SS12)
  • Selected Topics in (Mobile) Security (Seminar WS11/12)
  • Selected Topics in (Mobile) Security (Seminar WS10/11)
  • Data Communication and Internet Technology (Lecture WS10/11)
  • Security and Cooperation in Wireless Networks (Lecture SS10)
  • Mobile Security (Lecture WS09/10)
  • Selected Topics in (Mobile) Security (Seminar WS09/10)

DA/BA/MA Theses:

  • Finished: